Wave That Flag...

Congratulations!  Your order or at least one of your orders will be filled for the Grateful Dead 50th Reunion performances at Soldier Field in Chicago, IL on July 3, 4, 5, 2015.  Your commemorative tickets will arrive in June. Please hold all emails.  Check gdtstoo.com for the latest updates.  We hope to see you at the shows!

The Crew of GDTS TOO
February 2015

“The sky was yellow and the sun was blue”
Robert Hunter

Red Rocks 1987

I received the email a few days ago. It was almost Surreal…and becoming more so each day.

Wave it Wide and High

The Sausage Underground - Reprise - 2015

I don't really consider the New Year to have begun until the invite is made for me to join the Sons of Sopressata for the annual meeting of The Sausage Underground. Steeped in tradition, fueled by male discourse and booze this is one event I rarely pass on. This year #800 lbs of sublime Sopressata was made…hopefully it lasts until next year.

Ford Super Duty is Truck of Choice for this Crew

The General - Quality Control


The After Party

Thank You Gentleman - It's a True Honor

Fare Thee Well

Independence Day 2015

3/24/87 Hampton VA