My New Sidekick - Kimber Custom Tactical II

It wasn't long after completing a three day, pistol defense clinic last summer that I began the hunt for a 1911. Having taken a verbal beating from my instructors for showing up with a S&W J Frame .357,  I decided that a little extra power, capacity and accuracy wasn't a bad thing. I will say in my defense, I am accurate with the little revolver and it does hide quite nicely. However, when it comes to the pure defense of me and mine it is difficult to argue the merits of the .45 acp 1911. I chose the Yonker's, USA built Kimber Custom Tactical II with 5" barrel.

Kimber Custom Tactical II

I immediately went to upgrading a few things on my sidearm to make it more reliable, comfortable and concealable. Most obvious is the Pachmayr Signature 1911 grip. The stock grips are a little hard on the hands when firing multiple rounds (necessary for a proper break-in) and this solution also feels better on my skin when holstered.

Wolff 18lb Spring

There is nothing wrong with the stock springs that Kimber provides for the 1911 but I wanted a little extra kick for shoving out spent loads and these Wolff Springs are highly spoken of in the industry and with competition and military shooters. It's a cheap upgrade.

Wilson Shok-Buff's

Next up, I installed a Wilson Shok-Buff, recoil buffer just behind the guide rod. This little number was suggested by my good buddy Byron South...who knows his way around a 1911. Another cheap and simple upgrade.

Wilson Combat 47d Mag

Anybody that follows the 1911 lowdown knows that Wilson Combat Mags are the most reliable and sturdy mags on the market. I pitched the Kimber Mags and replaced them with #8 round 47d's. No brainer.

Galco IWB Royal Holster

Lastly and of most importance I needed a holster to secure the weapon, conceal the weapon and allow for ease of draw. I opted for the Galco Royal Guard IWB (In the Waist Band) Horsehair. The holster sits nicely behind my hip and under my trouser which is well suited for those that want more conceal. Access to the weapon is easy and safety is paramount in it's design. Took a little while to break her all good ones. The only thing I night consider doing now is a Duracoat paint job on the slide in Magpul Dark Flat Earth. They still let us carry (legally) in Colorado..see how long that lasts.

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