Yong Ho Ji - Wildlife Tire Art

Cruising the hunting conventions tends to be a fairly mundane event unless of course your a hunter and you give a hoot about that kind of stuff. However, one of the more interesting aspects of the hunting world (as seen at all shows) is the art that is displayed and sold in the space. Wildlife has always been at the forefront of content for artists and when you weave the floors of Safari Club International or Dallas Safari Club you see that art plays a very important role in the lives of most hunters. Trophies in the game room are one way to capture the memory but an artists perspective on a given creature or game scene is entirely another. Yong Ho Ji of Korea, takes wildlife sculpture to a different level using recycled Tire Treads as a medium. Brilliant.

Using various types of recycled tires and tread patterns he creates sculptures that evoke emotion and the true spirit of the beast. If he set up a booth at SCI his shit would fly off the floor.

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