The Sausage Underground - 2011

They say you never want to watch how sausage's or laws get made..I beg to differ. I was invited to join a group of serious Soppressata makers in their yearly pursuit of Soppressat perfection. These friends have been doing this for years based on an old family recipe and the proof is in the casing. Three to twelve weeks total (process) from filling skins (as you will see below) to pressing and drying in what eventually will be a fine Soppressata. The pressing gives the sausage a rustic appearance when sliced and the taste...heaven sent.

Made of Fresh Hams and Other Cuts

Beef Casings for Size

German Hardware for Precision Links

The Crew Makes Vino as Well Including "Panty Dropper"...Consumed in Copious Amounts While Stuffing

Pre-Hung and Pre-Pressed Soppressata

Last Years Bounty

3 Week "Soups," Smaller to Cure Faster

Pig Casings for Thin Ones

A Room Full of Happy Goombah's. Thanks for Including Me Boys!

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