Jamon de Iberico - AKA - Dope

It has taken nearly four years for the federal agencies to allow Jamon de Iberico in the US. Ham freaks and especially guys like me that dream about Spanish hams are overjoyed with the news. Not cheap but worth every cent for the hind leg that produces velvety, nutty flavored and fatty full taste. When my buddy sent me the news we quickly decided that this holiday a present for ourselves was in order. One of these magnificent numbers will be swinging in the closet soon enough for our greedy little mouths. Can be purchased at http://www.tienda.com/.

This product is made from the hind limbs of Iberian pigs reared in the vast pastures of the Iberian Peninsula and fed on acorns during the Montanera fattening period.

During the production process, the ham is cooled and cut in a V shape, the outer fat is removed, then it is salted, cleaned, weighed, dried and cured in natural cellars.

Acorn-Fed Pure Iberian Pigs

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  1. Yum--what's the local source for that?