Matsuhisa - Vail, CO

Having connected friends in the food industry is as important as having access to a good hard money lender. Yesterday I got the call to join a table for the soft opening of Nobu Matsuhisa's newest jaw dropping location at Vail's Solaris. The building itself sits like a monolith above the the town of Vail and the crown jewel of this mixed use facility is the amazingly simple yet beautiful restaurant MATSUHISA. I didn't take a camera so the pics are stock and the food won't be shown. But suffice to say the sushi was magnificent, the design meticulous and the copious amounts of sake a drinkers delight. Best of

There are many Nobu's scattered around the world. But there are only four Matsuhisa's. Beverly Hills, Aspen, Mykonos and now Vail.

Solaris at Vail

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