Hunt For The Blower Bentley - Gosselin

As the day approaches when I board a jet airliner for 15+hours  of sardine like travel, in a pressurized can full of coughing idiots and crying kids, I need to sooth my soul and hunker down with a good book and lots of booze. This little number recently got published and appears to be just the ticket for an interesting read that is largely based on fact. The Hunt For The Blower Bentley is a story about a present day Auto Archaeologist, Faston Hanks and his search for the last missing Blower Bentley. Supposedly only fifty of these unique autos were made and all are accounted for today but one. A rich imagination of what might have happened through the eyes of Faston Hanks. I read Hunt For 901 it's predecessor and look forward to seeing what Gosselin has up his sleeve for his latest attempt at automotive intrigue.

Blower Bentley

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