White Power Milk

I am not totally sure what to make of this but I am thoroughly intrigued and kinda turned on. White Power Milk is a little outfit that harnesses the beauty and allure of "upper echelon" girls to gargle milk for you in their mouth and have it delivered to your door..discreetly.

The following text was lifted directly from the site

"Through extensive recruitment within the upper echelons of society, we deliver the finest milk purified in a way only we can. Our secret ingredient is in the process through which rich, beautiful, white girls gargle your milk to absolute perfection. It's her touch that sets us far above the rest. Our diverse selection includes West Coast, The South, New England, New York, and London. Each of the carefully selected girls offer subtle differences of background, yet what they share is most important. All are waiting to clean your milk with their mouths. That is our promise to you!"



Pics Courtesy of White Power Milk

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