Tru2 Organic Gin

My affinity for Gin was well established since a young lad, just old enough to order a drink. G&T's were my go to adult beverage early on until I found Old Number 7 and for many years I imbibed only the brown stuff. However, lately I have rekindled my early love for Gin and am very pleased at the wide array of small batch, bench pressed, versions on the market. Tru2 Organic Gin is my new favorite.

This stuff is brown too, well more accurately.. amber and the flavor it throws off is quite interesting. Certified 100% Organic, this Gin is about as LEED Certified, moon ripened and sustainable as it gets. In fact the distiller claims to plant a tree for every bottle that is sold. That should keep my liberal, tree hugging friends off my ass for shooting helpless animals. Yea right.

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