Sevilla, Spain - Arrojado - Indultado

According to a story from yesterday (4-30-11) held a historic event. "The historic day was of a bull being pardoned, something that has never been done to a bull in Sevilla, although there was a novillo pardoned back in 1965, this is the first time a full grown bull was pardoned."


Indultado: On rare occasions a bull will be indultado, or 'pardoned', meaning his life is spared due to 'outstanding' behavior in the bullring. The audience and bullfighter petition its pardon by waving white handkerchiefs. If pardoned, the bull is returned to the field where he will live up to 20 to 25 years and be used as a stud.

The Matador was Jose Maria Manzanares . The bull Arrojado, was born in 2007 and weighed 1100lbs. Look for a Lamborghini in the future to share the same name.

Watch the full video here.

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