The Gift

Close friends know that my love for the bullfight is unwavering. My collection of taurine based art is an extension of that passion and has been growing over the years in many ways. Occasionally I stumble upon a piece, or tactfully hunt one down. In this case as has been in the past someone that knows me sends along a trinket or photo or other various media of the subject. Waiting on my doorstep this Christmas was this superb example of naive' bullfight art. This unsigned piece has beautiful patina, warm colors and a very curious pencil drawing of an inverted wine jug (second pic) looming on the surface.

Having graced the walls of my friends home in both Northern Cal and Kauai for over a finally made its way to Colorado on Christmas day. Unannounced and well packed. What a friend. What a gift. Much love Martha.


  1. Great Blog...I will definetly add you to my list.

  2. Ok - back to your blog/post. I use to whenever a oppotunity is there go to the bullfights as well. A great sport/art which I very much enjoy...from Colombia to Tijuana - not yet Madrid... I do collect - picked up a nice little bronze sculpture in Cali, Colombia a great bullfight painting from La Paz in Bolivia...etc.
    Anyways, Happy New Year 2011