A Cohort Pay's Attention

I just became the squire of a very well worn, richly patina'd, Stetson Open Road. Bout a half year ago I picked up my first Open Road after longing for one for some time. Some people see a hat, others see a reason why you don one. Yesterday a good buddy of mine gifted me with what some might see as 'just an old hat.' Turns out it's a venerable, bucket oozing with character. 

The band has been re-stitched.

The sweatband torn. Branding illegible.

The lining is sagging and sweat stained. The crown has perforations on each deck. The brim is potato chipped. The beaver felt, filthy. It's fuckin' rad. 

Two Silver Belly's is a Pair

Three…A Collection. Thanks CD.

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