The Beauty and Grace of Pheasants - Wyoming 2013

The Midwest has seen a dramatic drop in Pheasant populations. Drought, severe weather, loss of name it. After passing on Nebraska, SD and Colorado I thought a jaunt up north would be worth trying. Birds are slim here as well. Good thing there is other shit to do.

Hotel Irma - Cody Wyoming
Buffalo Bills Joint

Powell, Wyoming

This is where he killed two Wyoming Sherriff's before being killed by a 17 year old crack shot.

Earl Durand - "Tarzan of the Tetons"

Thermopolis, Wyoming

Steam Room

Safari Inn - Thermopolis
The personal trophy room of hotel owner Jim Mills


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  1. Great photos.
    I have heard reports of low pheasant numbers in mid-west and it is sad. Here in Penna.....we have NO wild pheasants. Only release/stock birds. We do have pretty good grouse hunting though....