'Maiden' Voyage - Never Summer "Snow Trooper" - Portland OR

When the Skipper of Never Summer Industries called me to tag along on the 'Maiden Voyage' of the new Never Summer, Snow Trooper RV to showcase the 2014 lineup of Snowboards and Longboards at the MotoCross in Washougal, Washington...I was all in.

40' of Rad

Bruce Dickinson Would be Proud
The Snow Trooper

The Skipper

John Day Dam - Columbia River

Bridge to Washington

Ace Hotel - Portland - Tragically Hip

Sea Tramp- Oregon's Longest Running Tattoo Shop

The strip clubs in Portland are world renown. All nude is the norm and touching the dancers is expected. Just when I thought I had been in the best strip club.. Mary's Club below, all hell broke loose when we crossed the threshold of Casa Diablo. Two Dollar bills are the norm and what happens in this joint cannot even begin to be described in writing. 

Mary's Club

Casa Diablo

Voodoo Doughnut's - Worth a Visit

Random Doughnut Eater

Hood River Day Trip


Oh yea..the Moto.

Never Summer Rig at the Moto

Colorado Boy - Tomac

Horsepower Hill - Gnarly


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