Honky Tacos - Taco House - Littleton

The Denver, metro area has a plethora of mexican food joints and has for many years. Proper Mexican cuisine on any level can be had in the city, if you know where to go. One issue I am having is that everybody and their uncle now serves "street tacos." Tacos adobada, tacos carne asada, tacos lengua...who the fuck serves ground beef, honky tacos anymore? When I was kid Tico-Taco Tuesdays was a ritual at our house. Hard shell, corn tortilla's, ground beef, lettuce y cheese....Taco. So yesterday when I got a hankering for honky tacos I knew just where to go. Taco House.

1390 W Littleton Blvd, Littleton, CO 80120

Since I was a lad this place has been in the same location. A gnarly, little strip-center that houses a very interesting, stand alone, mid-century modern, inspired building with a drive through!

Not fancy, not even real clean (always a sign of authentico mexi fare) but a simple, old school menu that lacks any semblance of hipness. There are no neck tattoo's, fedora's or "fixie" bikes within miles. The waitstaff is curt, quick and don tatt's more similar to those you might find in jail than those you see in Urban Outfitters. This place is real. The tacos are served three up, loaded with cheese, stuffed with ground beef and layered with iceberg lettuce. Honky Tacos. I splurged for $1 and got a tube of squeeze sour cream. Price includes chips-y(runny)salsa..another sign of a good old school, unpretentious taco joint.

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