Banh Mi - BA LE Sandwich Denver

For those that have had the pleasure of traveling through Vietnam, the food is one of the most relished memories. Colonial, French influence permeates the cuisine and adds a level of civility not found in many Asian countries food. Banh mi (Vietnamese for bread) has a different connotation when it comes to the term. Banh mi is a meat sandwich on french baguette, stacked with razor thin carrot, daikon, cilantro, cucumber and sliced chili's. The most popular and one of my favorites is the BBQ pork. At Ba Le in Denver for $3 you can grab a Banh Mi with bakery fresh baguette and hit the road runnin'. The menu offers other traditional styles like BBQ meatball, sardines, pate or tofu for  you tree huggers. Simple, cheap and refreshing.

BBQ Pork

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