Thank God! The Wire Hair Didn't Win - Westminster 2013

2013 Best In Show - Gch Banana Joe V Tani Kazari

Banana Joe 

I am a complete dog junko, have been since a lad.  I see value..(or try to) in every breed or group alone. As is, in good design, so is true for dogs. Function and appearance are important to us all, for me, the Eames 670 Lounge Chair is as ubiquitous as the Wire Hair Fox Terrier.

Best in Group 2013

Tonight however, my emotions ran amok. The German Wire Hair Pointer of the Sporting Group went on to compete for Best In Show. My excitement, fueled by martini's, went beyond logic as me and my clan quickly raised glass and hoped for victory as the bearded gentleman took to gait. This lunacy was soon quelled as I remembered that every breed that wins at Westminster is fucked up by the retail market. Hipsters with neck tattoos or Patagonia down jackets always want the next cool dog. Just look at the Portuguese water dog, that once had purpose and now is relegated to Mascot of the Obama's. 
Happily, the wire hair did not win Westminster, 2013. The breed was meant to hunt… not stroll in Central Park with Patagonia clad, gun grabbers. Well done Banana Joe!

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