"CanyonLands Clown" - Xmas Gift 2012

"CanyonLands Clown"
Kevin Scofield 2005
Giclee on Canvas


Over the years I've learned that friends hear you while good friends are listening. My son and I were eating a few months back at my buddy's restaurant Sketch, Denver. While scarfing down cured meats and simple, yet perfect pasta I noticed a very odd image hung above the salumi bar. That month, Colorado artist, Kevin Scofield was showing at the restaurant and I was blown away by this particular work. Scared, intrigued, puzzled and just down-right curious I made a few comments that obviously resonated with my friend... "It's like Peter Lik meets Insane Clown Posse." Yesterday he gifted me the piece and today it hangs on my wall. Art is personal and speaks volumes about the owner, the edifice it lives in and particularly the one who gifts it. Thanks bro. This one will always hold a story( and keep the kids out of my office.)

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