Archery for Wild Boar - Ada, Oklahoma

Team Hunt Song

Life tosses you little gems now and again, mine came last week. Having been a firearm hunter from the git-go I voluntarily stayed away from archery for a few reasons. One being a bad shoulder and the other that I don't need another gear intensive hobby. Then I got the text..."You want to go hunt wild boar with me in Oklahoma... my treat? And your gonna need a bow." Two days later I had a crash course in archery and less than one week from that text I was in the rolling hills of Oklahoma spot and stalking surly hogs at the Shiloh Hunting Ranch.

The common method of hunt at this well managed ranch is archery only, pitch up in a blind and wait for the feeders to go off then take your pick of hog and be done with it. We however, were on a spot and stalk only hunt. According to the gent that runs the place, one of his few parties that actually practices the method.

The animals are a mix of feral, Eurasian and hybrid and are very weary of walk-up hunters. The goal was to get within 20 yards and make the shot. Given dry conditions it made for a very sporting and difficult task.

First Bow Kill - First Day

Absurdly Rad

Gentleman's Traditional Bow

"The Poor Man's Grizzly"

Shiloh Hunting Ranch

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