MAN of the WORLD - No.1 - Eerily on it

The mail arrived Saturday. Among the holiday Cabela's/Bean/Safari Press catalogs, Midway flyer's and everything else was a very simple, large, white envelope with something heavy inside. The return address said MAN of the WORLD and I had no clue what it was...or what I was in for.

Upon turning the first page I felt like someone had literally crawled inside my head and created a magazine from it. A full page color shot of a Wes Lang, ornithological, drawing on Chateau Marmont stationary! A two page, inside cover pic of a purple, Chevy Malibu lightin' up tires? A photo of the inside of a suitcase that had everything I appreciate like knives and watches and old books. A feature story about Backgammon. And a picture of a guy that looks very similar too me.

The Collection Inside

 I handed the thing to my wife and watched her flip the same pages. She looked oddly at me and said "this is you." How did they find me? What list am I on? And more so how fucking good are data mining companies that they should send the first edition of a periodical to a future subscriber. They nailed it. I'm sold and it appears I am not alone in my pursuits and interests. If these cats do a spread about Bullfighting..I'll shit my britches.

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  1. Brilliant!!!

    Congratulations...Well done