Columbine SteakHouse & Lounge

Denver has its fair share of institutions and one of my favorites is a little jernt called the Columbine Steakhouse & Lounge. If your looking for a great steak go to DelFriscos or the Capital Grille. If your looking for a good steak without all the pompous bullshit, head to the Columbine. Whether your popping into the diner side for lunch or beef & booz'n it in the lounge, either option's a winner. Cheap, good and just enough grit to make it special. T-bone, jacket potato, iceberg salad and Texas toast are all included. Small enough ticket that you can chase it down with countless Jack-n-Cokes served in little glasses..just like I like em. Grilled cheese ain't to shabby either.


Cash Only - Leave the Black Card y Attitude at Home

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