Guess I'll go home and kick the dog out

I was raised (no pun intended) in a family of donut lovers. Daddy eats donuts, momma eats donuts..babies eat donuts. For some reason over the years it became unfashionable to eat donuts. Many people look down on those that eat donuts. Parents no longer bring donuts to school functions and executive assistants no longer source the tasty treat for board meetings. Well fuck that. I like donuts and even more I like what donuts stand for. So it was to my great surprise, in a nondescript, retail center I stumbled on a donut shop that has been in business for many years and makes no beef about it. Sunlite Donuts, Denver is a slice of old time'y heaven. Not fancy, pretty or even appetizing in its design aesthetic but down right proper in it's delivery of this quintessential morning treat.

Love the Crappy Sign

Always a good indication when the racks for holding breakfast gems are empty by 9am in the morning. Fortunately for me a glazed twist and a lemon filled job were still looming.

As I nibbled on these I watched Rachel Ray's (on a 42"deep tv) morning show and listened to a table of old codgers shit talk each other and josh about politics until one of the fogies said.."guess I'll go home and kick the dog out." As old guys do he repeated this three times over the course of five minutes and I relished each one. 

I asked the gal swinging the gems "what time does a guy need to show up for the freshest, biggest selection?" Response, "5am!" For the true aficionados that ain't nothin'. Looks like I found my new pre-duck, hunt tradition...and it's on the way to the blind. Also, note the marijuana dispensary in the reflection across the street. Could there be a better pairing than a J-bird and glazed donut on a Sunday morning?

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