A Lion for Lion

Years ago (94) while meandering through SE Asia my brother and I got inked in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. It was a pivotal experience for both of us, not only because getting ink is forever but it was a time and space that we shared and will not soon forget. I took a tribal dragon, he a classic tiger head. Last week he called ready to get tattooed again, a gesture for a partner of his. I was all to ready to accommodate the wish and scheduled some time with one of Denver's premier artists, Nik Pew of Landmark Electric Ghost Tattooing. Nik, did my matador, a fighting bull (below) and a trinket 'money suit.' I thought I was just going along for the ride or potentially another trinket. I walked out with an amazing japanesque style lion on my breast plate. A nod to my son and another memory shared with my brother. You either get it or you don't..and those of us that do, don't give a shit if you don't.

Hand Drawn (on my canvas), Original..Not a Stencil

Bro's Double Luck "Skully"

Fighting Bull

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