100 Years and Counting - L.L. Bean, Maine Hunting Shoe

Few consumer products transcend time and even fewer keep to the original design and ethos that brought them to market since inception. The Eames 670 Lounge Chair as well as the Maine Hunting Shoe (tried & and true American design) come to mind. 100 years later L.L. Bean has introduced the 100th Anniversary Maine Hunting Shoe. Just seven short months ago I was bitching to my o'l lady about my latest pair of Maine Hunting Shoes. They blew apart, as they all do, where the seam meets the rubber moc. For those of us that live in these shoes that is both a sad and welcome day. Sad, because after many years they develop not only a patina but a personality. They become an old friend that endures not only duck blinds and rooster cover but also yard work, dog training and late night jaunts to the market. Welcome, because it means another faithful pair will enter the manor and take a rightful place among the veterans. The 100th Anniversary, Main Hunting Shoe evokes a time when things were slower and more steadfast. The brick colored sole speaks volumes about this shoes history. So after a beeswax treatment and a few days in the yard these rubbers are ready to chase dusky grouse and dove when the season opens (next week) and the doubles come out of the gun locker. Godspeed Leon.

Welcome to the Crew

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