Topo Designs - Colorado Homegrown

It's always a treat when good design and proper kit happen to reside in your own backyard. While scanning A Continuous Lean (a daily ritual) I came across Topo Designs, a moon ripened, boutique shop that make bags that really hit a nerve. Low and behold they make em right here in Colorado and just minutes from where I lay my head. I got in touch with Mark, one of the owners and told him I needed a set of the accessory bags asap for my jaunt to Moz. One day later I was in the shop and grazing the goods with said owner.

Topo Accessory Bags

Travelers know that keeping mind of the little things like power adapters, cords, meds, and all the crap that can get easily lost amidst the big stuff is very important. Immediately I knew this was a solution and a well designed one at that. Of course for the hunter, I went for the obvious color choice. Not only is the product cool but the guys making them as well. I like to see Colorado people succeed and will be back for more stuff when I return. American Made Bro!

Mountain Bag


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