The Impostor - The Uber Sausage

So it was only a matter of time that someone would knock off the the Vail Valley's, world famous Swiss Dog. As in a previous post I have been espousing the magic of Swissy's and the rich history from which they were born, since just a lad. Ernst Laresse and his worthy sidekick's (wife Bab's and daughter, Simone) have dominated the space since the early 70's and continued a tradition that many of us live by. Enter The Uber Sausage a nifty little joint in Denver, CO that makes a variety of well conceived sausage sandy's. 

I like the place. The logo is good, the menu is small, but dialed in and the custom chips (you dash-em with a variety of spices) are a hit. As for the Swissy...well it's close. The concept has been well knocked-off but just misses the sweet spot. Maybe it's the bread, bigger than the links and overpowering. Maybe it's the links, not the same recipe, nor as good. And then again maybe it's just because Ernst isn't' swinging them links and wrapping em' up in a paper napkin. Close, but not close enough.

The Uber Swissy

The Real Swissy

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