Ruger .480 - Big Bore Bush Pistol

Years ago I purchased a Ruger .480 Super Redhawk with the aim (no pun) of taking a Colorado cougar as my entry into the world of handgun hunting. Never got around to it. This year I decided to get off my ass and get the Ruger ready for a month in the bush. This entails upgrades on the grip, sight, loads and holster.

Pistol sights are a necessity for handgun hunting, especially with a bruiser like the .480 on any critter past 30 yards. I reached out to a buddy and fellow celebrity hunter Byron South of Coming to the Call for some advice. I got more than just that. Days later a package showed up from his friends at L3 EOTech, arguably the best holographic weapon sights maker in the world. This camo, 512 dandy was in the box. Thanks Byron. 

The Ruger .480 comes with a set of nice scope rings which is a bonus but going the red dot route had me searching for the proper base. After scouring the blogs and reaching out to some folks I opted for  Weigand Combat Handguns, 1 piece weaver style base. The kick on this bad boy is substantial and the base needs to be rock solid.

As for the grip, the factory ones are nice looking but after a few rounds, los manos start taking a beating. I chose the Hogue Tamer Grip as it too has a bevvy of testimonials in the handgun hunter world.

The only thing remaining is a new holster since my Galco Kodiak is not designed to accommodate a scope. I am going with the Alaska Sportsman Chest Holster. Though not as beautiful as the Galco leather products this unit will work nicely with the new set up and is also a great deal lighter.

For the loads, I am taking the Hornady 325 grain HP/XTP softs which should be perfect if I can manage  getting a leopard on bait. For the solids my buddy Pete is whipping up some custom 355 grain whoppers which should do the trick on plains game. Mozambique 2012 should prove to be an interesting safari and a great way to enter the world of handgun hunting. I'm stoked.


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