Hippo & Crocodile Hunt - Mozambique

Good Enough for Rubens..Good Enough for Me

The Hippopotamus and Crocodile Hunt - Peter Paul Rubens 

One of the more 'under the radar" yet interesting hunts available in Africa has little to do with the big five (or four) and increasingly is becoming known as part of the big seven. Hippo and Crocodile have typically been considered an a'la carte affair when hunting Africa. But for those that hunt predators bagging a trophy Hippo is part and parcel to baiting a big cat...and if your going to hunt Hippo you undoubtedly encounter Crocodile. For some the experience of being on the water alone is reason to hunt these species (not too mention the Tiger fishing) and now that the prices for hunting dangerous game have inflated so much hunting Africa's aquatic dangerous game is becoming very popular for good reason.

Iconic in every sense of the word and dangerous given that 90 percent of the time you are floating in rivers filled with man eating critters, hunting Africa's water horse and lounge lizard is a pure thrill that doesn't require bags of cash or three weeks of time. Shot placement is critical which entices all men who care about a proper caliber, appropriate loads and humane kill shots. 

Shot Placement is Critical

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