Full Circle - The Gloverall Duffle

My Uncle Tommy probably had the greatest influence on my taste in cars and fashion. I remember jaunts as a young lad to the Golden Bee (last place George W had a drink!) at the Broadmoor in his Aston Martin DB6 or bouncing along the hills in one of his two, Series II Land Rovers or cruising Denver in his Citroen DS Pallas. He made an indelible impression on my taste in vehicles but most of all he influenced my sense of style. Early on I was intrigued by a Gloverall Duffle he purchased while in Nova Scotia on Honeymoon. I remember that coat with its horn toggle's, plaid interior and floppy hood. So, when I left for college I made my mother track one down for me and have worn it dutifully since the late eighties. Just last week Tommy gave me a gift, seems the Gloverall he wore for so many years no longer fits. Now it's mine.

Stirling Moss (1955) in Gloverall Duffle Filming His Sister While She Raced at Goodwood 

Circa 70's

Circa 80's

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