Farm-to-Table...the Real Deal

These days any restaurateur with a decent marketing budget can hire a creative writer (or pothead) to assist with menus, tag lines and plate descriptions. Who doesn’t offer Breast of Bench Pressed Mallard Duck, Moon Ripened Poached Pear’s or Flash Frozen Carpaccio of Kudu? Honestly. It’s tired. Enter Fruition Farms of Larkspur, Colorado a well conceived offshoot of Fruition its namesake restaurant in Denver.  Farm-to-Table is a concept and cliche that is mentioned quite often in the industry but rarely executed properly. It takes focus to run a good restaurant and more to run a good farm that sources those tables. Alex Seidel and partner Jimmy Warren have done just that. I tagged along for a tour of their Artisanal Sheep Dairy and Creamery and to assist another friend and local chit' in processing a healthy lamb for a tasting this week in Carmel, California. Because Colorado gives good Lamb

East Friesan Dairy Sheep

#62 Naturally Raised Market Lamb


Shepard's Halo

Ricotta - American Cheese Society Winner 2011

Cacio Pecora

Chef Seidel - Grow Your Food, Know Your Food

Berkshire's Drinking Whey of Shepard's Halo

Josh - Grows the Micro Greens

Well done gents.

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