Campaign Furniture Co. - Overland Chair

There is nothing quite as rewarding as sipping a G&T round the fire pit as the sun dips below the horizon and the sounds of the bush come alive. Unfortunately most modern African safari operators use cheesy nylon and plastic camp chairs like many people use to tail gate or bandy round the fire when camping stateside. My search for a proper campaign chair finally came to an end at this years Dallas Safari Convention. Amidst the flurry of dangerous game specials and 'bling-ed' out safari jewelry was a real gem. Campaign Furniture Company. The Overland Chair could well be the finest piece of safari inspired kit I have sat my thin ass on.

Coupled with the Travel Box that conveniently evolves into a proper side table and you have the makings for a very proper apres' safari. Not to mention the gal representing the furniture was not your typical hunting convention broad. Tattooed, pierced and just plain sexy.

Conveniently stores its legs and one Overland Chair.

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