Mozambique II - The Camp - 2011

We were fortunate enough to have inherited a camp from the previous user of the property. He neglected to pay the local scouts, trackers, skinners and camp staff and has left the area with a bounty on his neck. The camp is modest and rustic but well appointed. It sits on a palm covered beach against a crystal clear river. We call the camp Sable Palms.

Sable Palms

Fire Pit

Main Dining Area


Petrol Station

Skinning Shed

Staff Quarters

Client Tents Complete With Beds, Nightstand & Dresser


Open Air Shower & Head

All in all not too shabby of a set-up for our first season. The camp came with two fridges, two generators, stove a motor bike and all the furnishings needed to get clients well rested and fed for a proper hunt. Our intention is for some serious upgrades at an easy pace as we grow the operation.

According to one of the trackers this little spot, two minutes away from camp is "Where men go to discuss activities." We intend to use this location for swimming, sun downers and bbq's while we discuss "activities."

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