Running the Bulls - Day Three - Pamplona 2011

Typically day three of the Running of the Bulls tends to be fairly active for goring's given the amount of people that run the course. Historically los Toros de Dolores Aguirre has the highest average of goring's but this year proved to be different as the bulls were noble and gave little gesture to runners on the course. This afternoon Matadors, Salvador Cortes, Joselillo and Alberto Aguilar hit the sand in what hopes to be as entertaining of a corrida as yesterday when David Mora masterfully worked both of his bulls and barely escaped a grave goring while attempting to place his final sword. One ear.  See the vid.

This Morning on the Course
Courtesy of Luis Aranza

Toro de Dolores Aguirre

Ganaderia de Dolores Aguirre

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