Icon 4X4 - Land Cruiser FJ40

My first vehicle was a white, 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40. I called her Sugar Magnolia and she was by far the best vehicle I have owned of many. Completely original and tough as nails. Like an idiot I sold her in the mid nineties for an "upgrade" only to learn years later what a mistake I had made. FJ40's are about as collectible a vehicle as you can find and prices have sky-rocketed since the days of Sugar Mag. Today if you can't track a good one down you can have the fine folks at Icon 4X4 make you a new one. Pricey but with all the coolness of an FJ and modern sensibilities as well. BTW, Sugar Mag lives in Durango, Colorado with the chap who bought her from me. Rusty (rear quarter panels) and tattered but still crawlin'!

Pics Courtesy of Icon http://www.icon4x4.com/

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  1. Same here - I had a 1969 when I lived in AZ- Sold it and regret it.

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