Albino Aleutian Goose - Julesburg, CO

Sitting in a pit blind all day in freezing temperatures can be rough. Fortunately on the day this baby dropped into the dekes I was in a 24' fiberglass pit with cushioned seats, gas grilles (doubled as heaters) and broom top covers that keep snow out and heads hidden. Amid the the flurry of BB shots and at least five downed birds, this honker was among them. Hard to tell who actually shot it but I was the only one willing to spend the time and money to have him properly done up! In the end even my Taxidermist Todd Huffman of Birdman Studios believes  this Albino, Aleutian Goose is one of the rarest birds he has ever seen or worked on. This dandy strayed far from home on his journey South and graced the plains of Eastern, Colorado for his final cup O' the wings.

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