Over/Under - Julian Assange

How's that for a shit-eatin' grin? Without getting too astrological the problem with being a Gemini is the constant logical battle we face when cotemplating anything. This guy has me battling myself on a daily basis. From the get-go I hate him. A self enamored crusader who in reality doesn't give two shits about what his agenda creates in the long run for anyone involved. On the other hand..anybody that skirts the establishment with such utter disregard in the face of reality (arguably one of the worlds biggest targets for getting snuffed out) has a ton of balls and I like that. In the end I think he's a kid with a wounded inner-child that needs to be important or famous. I know the type, we all do..this guy had a hard time getting laid, making the team or figuring out how to play the system. So he beat the system, maybe in spite, but man is he getting above the noise. Either way I'm confused and now enamored with him and his rad hair...just like he is.

Under - One Year. This guy either dissapears, bobs a river or gets hired by the NSA or Al-Qaeda. Either way he wins.

BTW, my Macau insider took the Over.

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