EarthRomer XV-LT

Colorado built. There is nothing cooler than this. Go figure they don't build a version on the Dodge or Chevy chassis.

The EarthRoamer XV-LT is designed for 2 plus 2 (two adults and two children) camping for extended periods. Equipped with up to 90 gallons of diesel fuel and 85 gallons of fresh water, you can travel as far as you like and stay as long as you want in complete comfort. The XV-LT is your own luxury condo on the move with granite counters, convection microwave, air-conditioning, king-size bed and an enclosed shower/bathroom. Based on the Ford Super Duty F-550 four-wheel drive cab chassis, there is brawn to accompany the beauty. With a 17,950 pound gross vehicle weight rating and 10,000 pound towing capability, you can bring all your toys with you.

When I lock up a big one, you can guarantee one of these will be in the stable.

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