Abercrombie & Fitch - Leather RHINO Ottoman

Before Abercrombie & Fitch became a lame retailer for high school kids fashion it was a high end gentleman's store that stocked shotguns, wingshooting apparel, safari gear and the like. My father had the foresight (and kookiness) back in the seventies to purchase one of these massive leather ottomans for our home in Vail. When the thing showed up we didn't know what to say. My brothers and I would ride it and friends that came over would talk about it all night long. A few months back my parents gifted me this fine piece of design. Originally made by Omersa of London, these large pieces were commissioned by A&F for the NYC and Dallas stores. You don't see many of these big ones or "Superkings" (about 71" long and 18" high)but the little ones are around. This beast is a family statement and one that my kids will hopefully charge. Thanks mom and dad.

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