Aspen Outfitting Company - AOC/SG

The design of the AOC/SG is the result of a cooperative effort between Armas Ugartechea and Aspen Outfitting Company (AOC) begun in 1999. These dynamic, fast handling boxlocks embody all of the features found on a traditional bird gun.

Created to satisfy the style of handling and shooting that American game birds demand, these aesthetically distinctive firearms represent the best value in a SxS bird gun in the world today.

The features represented on the model AOC/SG have been tested and refined over thousands of hours of use by the students of Aspen Outfitting Company’s Shooting School, as well as by the clients of our wild bird hunts, in both North and South America.

The above was lifted from Aspen Outfitting

I can't say enough about this little gun or the company that makes it. John Hollinger knows his fine doubles and has single handedly created one for the price concious wingshooter.

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